Monster Energy 500ml x 12

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Here’s what the most energetic drink on the planet feels like. It is made with the most spectacular combination of ingredients, it contains the exact ratio to do the job that only Monster can. The Green Monster 500ml has an intense but smooth taste. Thanks to its characteristics it manages to surprise everyone who tries it.

It is athlete-proof, musician-proof, student-proof, road warrior-proof, rocker-proof, intellectual-proof, hipster-proof, but most of all biker-proof – they love it!

This product has a high caffeine content.

How does the Monster come about?

This tasty drink originated in California, in the United States, in 2010. Since then, the famous Monster brand began to grow, its creator , from the beginning, marketed many flavors such as:

  • Energy Monster
  • Monster Rehab Lemon Tea
  • Monster the doctor
  • Monster ripper
  • Monster ultra
  • Monster Juiced Mango Loco
  • Wholesale monster energy suppliers

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Safe bet

Green Monster 500 ml is a safe bet if you want to make a profit in your vending business. As vending specialists we advise you to put Monster brand products in all your machines.

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