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Wholesale Alcohol Suppliers

We specialise in marketing and supplying drinks directly from drink companies to various wholesalers and at the same time assisting those very wholesalers in marketing and selling these drinks to our customers (retailers, hotels, events and high-quantity consumers) at the best price through our online and inland network.

We create an avenue to sell to you and sell for you (helping you to sell it out) services to guarantee quick sales to the wholesaler which will result in quick sales for the brand owners and manufacturers we are marketing for.

Over time we have provided a mind-blowing jumbo package for our associates (producers, wholesalers, customers & agents). Note!! This offer is only exclusive to drinks distributed by drink allotters. i.e.

As a registered wholesaler, we help sell all drinks in your stock that are available on our website. Below are the services rendered to each of them.

Welcome to JD Drinks EU

With a humble beginning, JD Drinks has proven to be a trusted friend by satisfying the needs of its customers, Unlike others, this platform is not just an e-commerce store but has been incorporated to be a digital and an inland marketing company.


We supply numerous pubs, bars and restaurants with all of their bar essentials such as beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and coffee, through to dispensing gas, pipeline cleaner and bar snacks.


Our core values are based on the level of service we offer you. Within a very old-fashioned industry, we strive to become an innovator and leader within our sector.

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Wholesale Soft Drinks Suppliers

JD Drinks is a solid and reputed international Wholesale Alcohol supplier, FMGC and Bulk Trader in the Netherlands. We deal in fast-moving consumer confectionery & drinkable goods to various markets worldwide.

We focus on FMCG Confectionery products like Mineral water, beers, Whisky, Vodka, Wine, Energy Drinks, Seltzer Drinks and Carbonated Soft Drinks.

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