Uruapan Charanda Blanco Rum


Bottled at 46% ABV. This Rum is a protected denomination of origin spirit from Mexico known as Charanda. Made in the State of Michoacán in the vicinity of the

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Uruapan Rum Charanda Blanco 1L

Uruapan Charanda Rum Blanco is a Mexican spirit protected by a ‘Denominacion de Origen’ (D.O.) and produced in the state of Michoacán in western central Mexico. The Pacheco family has been producing premium Charanda at Casa Tarasco in the city of Uruapan in the state of Michoacán, Mexico for more than 111 years.

Accordingly the ‘Uruapan’ brand of Charanda is a tribute to the city of the same name, where the Pacheco family has a long, rich history. Uruapan Blanco is a blended rum, made up of 50% sugar cane juice distilled in a copper still and 50% molasses distilled in a French still.

Uruapan Charanda Blanco Single Blended Rum

This single blended rum from Mexico is 50% estate grown cane juice distilled on a copper pot still. And 50% molasses distilled on a modified French style column still. The sugar cane varietal is Saccharum Officinarum, grown at 4180 feet above sea level in red volcanic soil. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Significantly this \”Rum\” is a protected denomination of Mexican origin spirit known as Charanda. Made in the State of Michoacán in the vicinity of the prominently agricultural City of Uruapan. Named after a hill range in the area called \’Cerro de la Charanda\’ where the first distillery was built in the region.

Subsequently Charanda is a term in Purépecha language meaning \’red-colored soil\’. Charanda is such a unique and delicious alternative to Rum from the Caribbean, so if you love good, clean Rum, try this! The sugar cane variety used is called Saccharum officinarum, and is grown at 4,180 feet above sea level in volcanic soils that are also known as ‘Charanda’ by Purépecha locals.


COLOUR : Pure and transparent
NOSE : Sugar cane juice, delicately sweet and saline aromas
PALATE : Sweet and saline notes. Lime, basil, honey, white tea
FINISH : Bursting with goodness

Like agricultural rum, Charanda can be drunk in a wide variety of ways: neat, on the rocks, or even in a tropical cocktail that will whisk you away to the other side of the world !


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