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Absolut Elyx Premium Vodka Wisconsin

Absolut Elyx is a luxury vodka with authentic processing. It is distilled in copper stills and is made from wheat from Sweden’s oldest farm.
Absolut Elyx is a very refined vodka that has been made with passion.

It is distilled in copper stills and is made from winter wheat harvested on the Swedish Rabelöf Estate farm, which dates back to 1408.

Elyx vodka has similar properties to the original Absolut, which is dominated by the taste profile of wheat.

In addition, Elyx has more citrus tones of grapefruit, a silky texture with a hint of spice and a smooth, clean finish.

It is an excellent vodka, so we recommend drinking it clean with ice, or sticking to just simple cocktails, such as martinis …

Absolut Elyx won a gold medal in the category of the best vodka of 2013 at the San Francisco World Spirits exhibition.

(The San Francisco World Spirits exhibition is the most recognized spirits competition in the world.)

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