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Fiji water wholesale, Fiji water is clean Pure and untouched by man from Aquifer to when you unscrew the cap. It is far from pollution, acid rain and industrial waste making it the cleanest natural bottle water available. Taste paradise and treat yourself to the best.

Yes, it really is from FIJI.

FIJI Water\’s artesian aquifer, located in a virgin ecosystem, thousands of miles from the nearest continent, protects the water until it is bottled at the source and shipped to you.

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FIJI Water filters through volcanic rock and gathers in an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth. This natural process adds silica, a mineral that contributes to FIJI Water\’s unique soft mouthfeel.

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FIJI Water is bottled at the source, where natural artesian pressure forces the water through a sealed delivery system free of human contact. It is untouched, until you unscrew the cap.

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FIJI Water filters through mineral-rich volcanic rock over hundreds of years, gathering in an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth, where it is preserved and protected.

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Protected by one of the last virgin ecosystems on Earth, FIJI Water begins as rainfall, purified by trade winds as it travels across the Pacific Ocean to the islands of FIJI.
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