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Bulk Energy Drinks Wholesale. The energy drink market in Australia is worth over $800m per year and continues to grow annually, therefore it is no surprise that here at Kelly’s, we are an energy drinks distributor with a huge range available.

Nearly all energy drinks contain at least one of these energy-giving ingredients – caffeine, taurine, guarana or ginseng – and whichever drink is your preference, Kelly’s is sure to supply it.

Naturally, we stock world-leading brands including Red Bull, in many sizes and varieties, including Red Bull’s standard 250ml can in original and special edition flavours, as well as zero-calorie and sugar-free variants. Other cans and bottles are also available in sizes from 250ml to 473 ml and all are available in packs of 12 or 24.

Monster is another popular brand around the world and we carry 8 best sellers from their instantly recognizable range of 500ml cans which includes the original and sugar-free versions, amongst other fruity flavours.

In addition, we also supply Hemp energy drinks, produced from 100% natural ingredients, and a selection of other energy drinks from Berocca and Rockstar. Choose Kelly’s to be your energy drinks supplier!

We also stock Australian-owned energy drinks and are proud distributors of Red Eye – produced in Western Australia as well as Mother, produced in Australia under license from Coca-Cola, and V the leading Australian-produced energy drink, all of which are well-known to our local customers.

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