We are wholesale supplier of alcoholic beverages like Corona beer, Heineken beer, Kronenbourg 1664, Budweiser beer, wholesale beer, beer prices, etc.. 

Therefore we supply canned and bottled lagers as well as draught, covering a vast selection of lagers from craft breweries across the world. 

Above all we offer Heineken Larger Beer, Corona Beer, Carlsberg, Bavaria, Kronebourg 1664 in Bottles and cans. We are the main distributors and whole sellers of Heinekens Beer.

However originally from Germany, lager is the best-selling style of beer in the world. Best served very cold, lager is lighter in colour and flavour than a traditional ale. Our lager range is very extensive, and we carry all the best-selling brands. 

In addition each lager we stock is well worth trying, all selected by our experienced and expert team to help you make sure you’re providing the best drinking experience for your customers.

In conclusion we are the top suppliers for wholesale beer!


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