Who we are

Absolut Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients and, unlike other vodkas, does not contain any added sugar. Vodka can not be purer than absolute.

As a global wholesale distribution company, we purchase directly from manufacturers such as HEINEKEN, REDBULL and COCACOLA, just to name a few.

 With our efficient logistics department, we also offer direct manufacturer to client orders without necessarily passing through our warehouses.

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Our Mission

We’ve developed a comprehensive network of suppliers and manufacturers in European, American and Asian countries. This means we’re able to provide you with a huge lineup of products available at rock bottom prices with high quality. Our success is based on high profile members, leading expertise, and visionary leaders. To do that, surely we have a system and staff professional which you see.

Our Vision

Our activity is to establish product export strategies to international markets based on the brand’s existing sales activities. In partnership with our selected distribution partners and planning distribution export for it, including fees incurred. With over two decades of expertise in the wholesale market, we have transformed from a small wholesale supplier to a world-recognized exporting specialist.

Our Values

To be your trustful partner we work with the world’s top FMCG brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Heineken-Hennessy, Monster, Lucozade, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Power Horse, Corona Beer, and many others. Working with many of the world’s leading brands we supply wholesale products to clients nationally and internationally, ensuring an efficient, timely and cost-effective service at every stage of the buying process.

Our Team

We take the whole-hearted service in exchange for customer satisfaction.

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